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About us – PŠC Pezinok

PŠC Pezinok (full name Pezinský športový club Pezinok) is a amateur local football club based in Bratislava region, Slovakia. The club was officially founded on 29-th of August, 1921. The official club colors are green and white, what emerges into club’s nickname “Zelenobieli” (The Green-and-Whites). PŠC competes in 3rd league Bratislava, which is the highest regional competition in Bratislava Football Association (BFZ). Since the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the team has spent most of the time in that competition, except a few seasons when the club was promoted to a higher or a relegated to a lower competition. The club has more than 300 players, divided into a 2 senior teams and 17 youth teams. Their home stadium is the Mestský štadión PŠC Pezinok (PŠC Pezinok City Stadium) with a capacity of 3,000 seats, of which 800 for seating in the main stand.


Name: Mestský štadión PŠC Pezinok (PŠC Pezinok City Stadium)

Capacity: 3 000

Field dimensions: 108 m x 68 m

Address: Komenského 30, 902 01, Pezinok

PŠC Pezinok City Stadium is a football stadium in Pezinok, Slovakia, and the home of PŠC Pezinok. With a capacity of 3 000, it is the largest club football stadium in Pezinok. The stadium was officially opened in 1961. Sport Area is considered as one of the best in the league. The players can develop on the main field, on the training pitch with lights or on the small pitch with artificial grass as well. The stadium also hosted many events and concerts.

PŠC Pezinok Sports Area

Useful links

Matchday Guide: Presentation (Slovak)


Further information: Wikipedia’s page about club (English)



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