Local football club in Bratislava region, Slovakia

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PŠC Pezinok Football Club – about us

PŠC Pezinok (full name Pezinský športový club Pezinok) is a amateur local football club based in Pezinok (Bratislava region, Slovakia). The club was officially founded on 29-th of August, 1921. The official club colors are green and white, resulting in club’s nickname “Zelenobieli”, which means “The Green-and-Whites”. PŠC competes in 3rd league Bratislava, which is the highest regional competition in Bratislava Football Association. Since the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the team has spent most of the time in this competition, except a few seasons, when the club was promoted to a higher or a relegated to a lower competition. The club has more than 300 players, divided into a 2 senior teams, old boys team and 19 youth teams.

Feel the atmosphere in local football stadium

Name: Mestský štadión Pezinok (Pezinok City Stadium)

Capacity: 3 000

Field dimensions: 108 m x 68 m

Address: Komenského 30, 902 01, Pezinok

Pezinok City Stadium is a football stadium in Pezinok, the home of PŠC Pezinok. With a capacity of 3 000, it is the largest club football stadium in Pezinok. The stadium was officially opened in 1961. The sports area consist of main field, training pitch and small pitch with artificial grass. At this level, this sports area is considered as one of the best in the league. In the past, the stadium also hosted many cultural events and concerts.

Atmosphere during one of the best home matches in recent years, against FC Petržalka in 2019

Delicious beer and traditional dishes

Let’s feel the real local Slovak football atmosphere. Taste delicious Slovak and Czech beer, as well as traditional Slovak football dishes in Volley Pub. The most famous dish is “Cigánska pečienka” – Roma-style roasted pork, marinated and then fried or grilled. Usually, there is mustard and roasted onion inside the bun. There is also option to serve it with french fries and fried onion rings. To be honest, the prices are afordable for everybody.

Traditional beer from Slovakia and dish “Cigánska pečienka”

City tour and beautiful wineyards

Pezinok is a town in southwestern Slovakia, located roughly 20 km northeast of Bratislava, capital city of Slovakia. Pezinok lies near the Little Carpathians and thrives mainly on viticulture and agriculture, as well as on brick making and ceramics production.

What to see in Pezinok

Beautiful wineyards in Pezinok

Šimák Castle in city centre

For more information about attractions, entrances, parks and much more, visit the official website of the city of Pezinok here www.pezinok.sk

Tickets are available for everybody

Tickets for home matches of PŠC Pezinok can always be purchased on the day of the match at the entrance to the sports area. The price of a ticket for an adult is 2 €, for women and pensioners over the age of 60 the price is 1 € and for children and disabled people the admission is free.

Ticket price list for season 2021/22

Getting to stadium


You should get off at the bus stop “Pezinok, TESCO”. Then you should go straight to the north with zigzag method between block of flats with aim to reach Komenského street. Once you reach it, you should continue go straight to the north. The whole way takes maximum of 10 minutes by walk.


You should get off at the train stop “Pezinok, zastávka”. When you leave train station, then go 150m to Bratislavská street and turn left. Then go straight for 10 minutes and then turn right to Komenského street, where the stadium is located. It takes another 5 minutes getting the stadium.

Google Map location of PŠC Pezinok Football Club

Sports area map

City Sports area in Komenského street, Pezinok

Useful links

Photoalbums: Flickr’s account

Facebook: Club’s account

Instagram: Club’s account

More articles in English: Club’s webpage section in English

Fixtures: www.pscpezinok.sk/a-tim/zapasy/ (in Slovak language)

Further information: Wikipedia’s page about club (in English)

Matchday Guide: Presentation (in Slovak language)

Queries: infopscpezinok.sk


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