PŠC Pezinok – about us

PŠC Pezinok (full name Pezinský športový club Pezinok) is a amateur local football club based in Pezinok (Bratislava region, Slovakia). The club was officially founded on 29-th of August, 1921. The official club colors are green and white, resulting in club’s nickname “Zelenobieli”, which means “The Green-and-Whites”. PŠC competes in 3rd league Bratislava, which is the highest regional competition in Bratislava Football Association. Since the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the team has spent most of the time in this competition, except a few seasons, when the club was promoted to a higher or a relegated to a lower competition. The club has more than 300 players, divided into a 2 senior teams, old boys team and 19 youth teams.

Club badge and colors

The first club logo was spotted in the pre-match Bulletin of the Lokomotíva Pezinok, in 1961. Since then, there have been four changes, first in 1983 when the name of the club was renamed to Stavbár Pezinok, then in 1991 when the name of the club PŠC Pezinok was given back, then in 2006 during the first redesign and last in 2009, as the second redesign.

The club colors are green and white, the choice of which is linked to the story of the club’s founding. These colors in the club logo are complemented by a shade of black, which forms the middle vertical stripe. It is surrounded on both sides by green vertical stripes. In addition to the stripes, the logo consists of the name of the club, a ball and the text of the year the club was founded – 1921.

The colors of the club from Pezinok were determined immediately upon its establishment. A group of enthusiasts, Aladar Takacs, brothers Korineks and others traveled to Budapest, where they bought the first sets of kits and balls. The kits of the first team were white with green transversal strips, following Ferencváros Budapest training kits. Since then, Pezinok have been faithful to their “green-white” color combination.

More about club badge and colors (in Slovak).